How Dog Tails Are Docked

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How Dog Tails Are Docked

January 15, 2023 7 min read

The term “docking” refers to when dog owners remove the hair that grows out from underneath of the tail. This is usually done before pictures or videos, so people do not have to see the bald spot.

Some breed dogs are naturally haired tails which look nice, but this is not always the case! Many breeds have a coat under their tail which can be longer, thinner, and/or curly. If you ever find yourself wondering why there is no beautiful tailcoat for your puppy, it might be due to docking.

Dog owners who dock their pets’ tails often claim that it is done because they want to show off the fluffy fur more clearly or to make grooming easier. However, some believe that it is done solely for cosmetic purposes.

There are many theories as to why certain dog parents choose to dock their pet’s tails. Some say that it is to improve how well the pooch stands next to them while others think it is just because they like looking at the furry tailless wonder!

Either way, dorking your dog’s tail down doesn’t seem to hurt anything and may actually cause long-term health problems.

Reasons why dog tails are docked

how dog tails are docked

The term “docking” comes from the word “de-coat,” because in early times, people cut off the fur to expose the softer skin layer. Since then, however, there have been many reasons as to why some breeders choose to remove the hair completely.

Some believe that docking can prevent dogs from humping or other unwanted behaviors. Some claim it helps reduce overall grooming needs, since most owners who adopt a de-coated dog usually wash their coats regularly.

Another theory is that some breeds of dog naturally carry their tail low, making it difficult to access for exercise. Because this kind of dog was bred with its lowered tail, they may not learn how to raise it. By having them work at doing so, owners can help improve their socialization and confidence.

However, not all professional groomers agree! Many feel that leaving the tail uncut allows for better air circulation, which can protect against heat exhaustion and colds. They also say that some dogs enjoy rubbing their tails on objects to strengthen and relax them.

Shedding new layers of protective coat can also make a dog more vulnerable to disease.

Different types of dog tails

how dog tails are docked

Most dogs are born with a tail that is either completely attached to their body or one that is totally free to wag. The length, shape, and size of your dog’s tail will mostly depend on what kind of dog he is!

Some breeds have shorter tails than others but most adult dogs have a moderate sized tail that they will keep pretty steady unless something stirs them up or they feel threatened.

In fact, some breed standards call for a short tail which is why many pooches you meet today have a relatively thin tail.

Dog owners who like longer tails may be concerned about how to train their furry friend not to drag it along the ground when walking or running. While this is considered an undesirable behavior, some breeds were designed to carry their tail low to help balance out their body weight as they walk.

There are also certain breeds whose tail can be furred or feathery which again, helps contribute to their natural look. Many people admire these features and try to encourage their coat to grow in similarly to what the animal naturally has.

However, there are some breeds where having a longer fluffy tail is not desirable. This article will talk more about this topic and describe different types of dog tails.

How to properly dock your dog's tail

how dog tails are docked

Most people agree that docking is not only uncomfortable for the puppy, but also painful for his or her parent(s). Owners are usually very emotional when it comes time to do this, which can make docking difficult.

Some say that you have to be firm with the parents so that they will hurt their child more seriously, while others believe that being stern makes things worse. No matter what kind of person you are, there’s no excuse for cruelty towards an animal.

If someone tries to tell you that it’s okay to hit your pet or that it’s their job as a parent to hurt their kid, then you should probably look at them like you would want to be looked at.

It’s totally unacceptable to use violence against animals, even if they “deserve it.” All living creatures deserve our respect.

Your dog's tail will grow back

how dog tails are docked

There are two main reasons why some dogs get their tails docked. The first is to reduce the weight of the fur, which can drag down the coat and cause health issues such as heat stroke or skin lacerations.

The second is because it is done by professionals, so they use special equipment that contains clippers designed to ensure only the very tip is cut off. These tools make sure that no flesh is exposed, which would hurt the dog.

After the hair has been removed, the wound is carefully cleaned and dressed to prevent infection. Depending on how close the tail was to the body, your veterinarian may recommend stitches or bandages to keep it closed until it heals.

Some dogs never have their tails docked due to this reason or possible medical complications. For these individuals, there are ways to train the puppy to pass over its own tail.

Dog tails and health

how dog tails are docked

When dogs are young, their tail feathers grow quickly. This is because they come with no attached muscle to keep them still. As puppies play and explore new things, their tails will constantly move as they chase toys or other animals.

It’s during these times that the feather follicles in their tails get bigger. The longer the dog keeps its tail up, the thicker and fuller it becomes.

But as your puppy grows older, his tail needs to be let down! Once their muscles develop, those extra hairs can cause problems. They may pull too tight, choking off blood flow and causing bleeding or infection. Or the hair could become tangled, limiting motion and possibly hurtling the dog forward when he tries to assume a position.

Either way, this not only hurts the look of the dog, but also puts stress on the body which can lead to more serious medical conditions. All of this adds up to poor canine health and even potential death for your pooch.

Luckily, there's an easy solution!

Many breeders will douse the pup’s back side with two bowls full of clippers. One batch should be very thick, while the other should be thinner. He doesn't need all of the same length of fur, just what looks like a slightly shorter one at least six inches long.

Dog tails and behavior

how dog tails are docked

While some dog breeds have their natural tail shapes, most dogs are bred to possess shorter hair that is mostly kept between your hands when they walk or run away. This is called a furless tail.

Dog owners sometimes get attached to these furry little fellas and want to keep them as pets for this reason. However, keeping a dog with no fur is very expensive!

To avoid this cost, you can choose to either shave the dog’s tail off or clip it close to the body. Shaving the tail completely is more common than clipping it though.

There are several reasons why pooches lose their fluffy tails. Some do not like being touched or handled too much, while others just grow out and drop it.

Either way, there is never anything truly “natural” about a canine’s tail anymore. It is also quite difficult to find a one-day-only price for a dog without a tail unless you are very careful about where you buy him or her from.

Should my dog get a tail transplant?

how dog tails are docked

If your dog has lost its natural, curly tail due to something like disease or lack of grooming, it is very important to consider whether or not they should be able to grow another one!

Many dogs are born with their own unique style tails which can be attractive or unattractive depending on the owner’s preference. Some owners feel that their dog looks better without a tail, while others enjoy having a more “cat-like” look.

Some breeds have particularly long, thick hair that requires careful curation in order to keep them looking sleek and pretty. A well groomed, beautifully shaped tail adds to the attractiveness of your dog! Unfortunately, some people decide they no longer want this kind of tail for whatever reason, and so they cut off their dog’s beautiful hair!

Dogs who lose their fur as puppies often don’t develop strong attachment bonds with their caregivers because there isn’t much opportunity to see the pup play. As adults though, these attachments usually form! When you begin to see signs such as tugging at the tail or trying to grab it by surprise, chances are good that your pet needs close attention and reassurance at this time.

If possible, try to talk your friend out of the surgery. Many veterinarians will perform a superficial skin graft instead of performing a complete neurectomy (removal of all nerves) if the patient is successful in reattaching the new tail.

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how dog tails are docked

Many people are probably already aware of how dog tails are cut, but some may not be clear on what actually happens to the tail. Most popular versions involve using a pair of shears or clippers to clip off the very tip of the tail.

This is usually done during puppy grooming when owners want to prevent the fur from getting longer or possibly even skin-to-skin contact. Since most dogs grow out their hair as they age, this is totally normal!

However, this isn’t the only way to dock a dog’s tail. Some breeds have a short, thick coat that doesn’t need to be trimmed, so they don’t require any kind of docking at all.

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