How Dog Toys Are Made

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How Dog Toys Are Made

January 22, 2023 4 min read


There are several different types of materials that get used for making new doggie toys. This article will discuss some of these materials as well as how they’re put together to make your next pooch toy. So grab a snack, and let’s dive in!


These are the initial parts that go into creating any kind of dog toy – most often it is one of the mentioned plastic material or cardboard. Blanks can be cut and shaped to make other pieces, which makes them great starting points for designing your own fun doggie treat or play object.

The best way to source blanks is through online sellers or even local retailers who have leftover stock from past production runs.

Create the toy

how dog toys are made

One of the most important parts in finding the right dog toys is creating them yourself! Creating your own doggy treats or buying already made ones that you can modify or add onto are the best ways to go.

You can make all sorts of different types of toys out of many things, such as blankets, towels, empty jars, etc. The only thing that cannot be used as an interactive play object for your dog is something that could hurt him/her (such as a small ball).

Making sure your dog does not get hit or injured by any part of the toy is very important. For example, if your dog enjoys playing with a soft blanket, cut off one side so that he can’t swallow it. Or take away the tassel at the end of a rope toy so that he doesn’t choke on it.

Another way to prevent injury is to wash and dry your hands before giving your dog the new toy. This keeps you from accidentally handing your dog a dirty or wet toy, which could cause health problems.

Fleshing out

how dog toys are made

There are several different materials that most dog toys are made of, with some being better than others. Plastic is one of the more common dog toy material types due to its durability and cost-effectiveness.

Plastic is often mixed in color as well, making it easy to identify which part comes from what source. Due to their lighter weight, many pooches enjoy playing with plastic toys around the house or outside!

However, although they are very durable, plastic does not always remain sanitary for your pet. The biggest downfall to this type of toy is how easily bacteria can grow.

If your puppy gets sick quickly after putting the toy down, chances are good that it was contaminated by dirt or feces that were left inside the plastic. Fortunately, you can wash these toys in hot water!

Rubber and foam are two other popular dog toy materials. Foam is much like regular tissue paper, only denser – just make sure to check whether it has any chemicals used in manufacturing before giving it to your furry friend.

Rubbers such as those found in squeakers are an extremely important component to almost every dog toy. They help keep the dog engaged and active while playing, creating a lasting effect on their mental state.

Some dogs simply get too attached to their toys, so be careful about letting them take off alone! These are also great insulators, keeping your pup warm during winter weather or summer days at the beach.

3D printing

how dog toys are made

There are several different types of dog toys that are manufactured using three dimensional (3D) printing. These include plastic or foam balls, cylinders, cubes, spheres, and plates that can be pressed into various shapes. Some even have moving parts!

The process usually begins with creating a digital model of the toy. This model is then converted into a computer program template. The printer takes this template and uses a resin material to print the shape over and over again until it has printed the whole item.

This technique is quite cost-effective and time efficient for manufacturers as you no longer need professional grade equipment needed to produce large quantities of toys. Only small amounts of resin material are used which results in lower production costs.

However, there are some health concerns related to these new manufacturing techniques. Due to repeated exposure to the resin materials, dogs may develop skin allergies or internal chemical reactions.

Final assembly

how dog toys are made

All of our dog toys are manufactured here in America, which is to say they’re made by Americans! We hire hardworking individuals who love dogs as them know what great companions they can be. They also strive to give your pooch the best toy possible because they understand how important it is for his or her mental well-being.

The materials we use are all natural and non-toxic, so you can feel comfortable giving your pet any one of these new finds. For example, our squeakers come from dried milk that has been pulverized down into powder form, and our rattles are zinc sheets that shake and rotate slowly to keep your dog engaged for a little while.

If there’s ever a bad review about one of our products on Amazon or somewhere else, read the reviews and try to find out whether or not this product was working for someone else. Sometimes people just don’t gel with the way a company runs their online shop or marketing strategies, and it is definitely worth looking into if this is something you want to invest in.

At The Little Red Shop, we pride ourselves on having high quality, durable toys that will last forever. If you need help finding the right gift or want to learn more about making sure your dog gets the most out of their toys, hop over to our website or store where you can find helpful information and tips.

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