How Dogs Cry For Help

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How Dogs Cry For Help

January 24, 2023 7 min read

Many people believe that dogs only look up to us as bigger, more powerful beings, but in fact there are some pretty incredible things that many canines do every day. Some dogs have even been known to show compassion or love towards other animals!

Many dog owners like to brag about their pets being very intelligent, but few know of all the different tricks that they perform. In this article, we will be talking about one such trick: how to teach your dog to cry for help.

If you ever find yourself in an unsafe situation with no way out, then asking for help is our natural instinct. Fortunately, teaching your dog this trick is not too difficult!

Why Is This Trick Important?

Sadly, creating a safe environment for your pet is the first step to helping them live a normal life. More than half of U.S households include at least one dog, so it is important to make sure that they are exposed to safety resources.

By educating your dog on what situations are considered dangerous and how to respond, he/she can learn how to save themselves from harm. Even if your dog never uses this skill in his/her lifetime, at least someone else can!

There are several organizations across America that offer free training services to any animal that needs them. Yours truly has experienced both professional trainers and volunteer teachers, and I can tell you with certainty that anyone can train a puppy or adult dog.

Dog suicide

how dog cry for help

More dogs are dying in heartbreaking ways every year due to something their owner did or failed to do. Some dog owners make false assumptions about what kind of life their canine companion will have after they say goodbye, which is why some leave their pets behind when one day they decide to move or simply cannot take care of them anymore.

Dog ownership can be expensive, especially if you are buying food and veterinary bills add up quickly. Many people don’t realize that some types of foods aren’t good for your dog, nor would they know how much nutrition he needs to remain healthy. If your pooch has begun to show signs of weight loss or other health problems, it's time to get him the help he needs.

Sadly, many pet parents find out too late that their beloved furry friend could suffer from several medical conditions that require treatment with medication or surgery. Sometimes a condition is so serious that only hospitals or clinics perform such procedures, and most communities have just one clinic where vets accept patients. It is the vet’s responsibility to treat your dog for his illness, not yours!

Your loved one may need close monitoring or even frequent visits at the doctor’s office until he/she recovers fully. Because these costs can pile up quickly (not to mention the grief!), it is very important to recognize the early warning signs of disease and sickness in your dog and seek appropriate diagnoses and treatments as soon as possible.

When your dog is having a mental health episode

how dog cry for help

Sometimes, even though you love your dog very much, things get too far.

A lot of different factors can contribute to your dog going through a period like this. It may be due to changes in their life (such as moving house or changing jobs), it could be because they are stressed or depressed about something, it could be because there has been an injury or illness, or it could just be what they were born with – some dogs are naturally more anxious or nervous than others.

Whatever the reason, when your dog is showing obvious signs of stress or anxiety, it’s important to look at it from their perspective. What would make someone feel anxious? Maybe it’s being put into unfamiliar situations, maybe it’s fear of new people, or perhaps it’s just wanting to be somewhere else.

For example, if your dog was afraid of thunder then that might make them want to stay under cover until the storm had passed. This could easily apply to when your dog is scared of something new such as another dog, a stranger or even the outside world.

Dog symptoms of anxiety

how dog cry for help

Another way dogs show signs of stress or fear is through what’s called crying, also known as whimpering.

When dogs are afraid they may become quiet, still, or even cry to indicate their need for help or protection.

It can be because something scary has happened like being chased by a car or dog attacked before.

Some things may make dogs feel anxious including unknown situations (like going into a new house), changes in routine, and people who are aggressive or angry.

If you notice changes in behavior with your dog, it’s important to address them so that he or she feels relaxed and confident.

Luckily, there some ways to help reduce stress and promote relaxation in your furry friend! Here are 10 tips to do just that.

Ways to help your dog

how dog cry for help

Sadly, most dogs that get hit by cars are either sleeping at the time or outside in an open area where they can be approached easily. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent this from happening.

Most importantly, make sure your dog is current on vaccinations and spayed/neutered. This will keep them less likely to cause unintentional accidents.

For example, if your dog seems nervous every day after work, they may have encountered something left behind in a vehicle. Take your dog to the veterinarian immediately!

Another common way many dogs end up dying is when people pull over to check on someone who has been involved in an accident. Often times, these individuals take their car keys out and run to find help, which usually includes leaving the scene of the accident.

If anyone takes off in an unsafe situation, give yourself a head start as well! Chasing after them can seriously hurt or even kill your dog.

Something else important to watch out for is when a driver steps out of the vehicle. If possible, wait until they park the car and then go rescue your beloved pet.

Dog owners must also know how to recognize when their dog is having trouble breathing due to being trapped in the car. They must also be able to perform CPR if needed.

Seek veterinary help

how dog cry for help

If your dog is acting strangely or showing signs of discomfort, it could be because he has been attacked by another dog.

Many dogs that are attacked will show fear, anxiety and/or aggression towards their attackers. These reactions can sometimes be misinterpreted as being aggressive toward other people, animals or things.

Intervening at an early stage may prevent your dog from being involved in more fights later on. It also helps to reduce stress for him.

If you notice symptoms such as trembling, nervousness, whining, crying or aggressiveness, take action quickly! Contact your local animal shelter or visit a nearby veterinarian to see if they can help.

You should also talk to members of your family about how much emotional stress there is for you. This can help mitigate any harmful behavior.

Keep your dog with you

how dog cry for help

Many people assume that if their dog gets away, then this is because they let it out of the house or took it outside to go to the bathroom, so they don’t have to worry about it.

But what many don’t realize is that even if your dog doesn’t get into another home, it could be seeking help for an injury it suffered somewhere else.

Dog tears are very common — almost everyone has heard stories of a puppy who got hurt and cried until someone came and picked him up. Sometimes these puppies get tired doing this, making them stop crying and eventually passing away due to lack of attention.

Some dogs will find it hard to relax their muscles and can keep straining themselves for days after being injured. This is why most vets ask owners to bring in their pet at least once a week – so they can check on how the animal is healing and make sure nothing has healed too tightly, which could cause problems later.

If your dog is ever found by a passerby it may not know how to behave, or whether there are any medical treatments available. It might try to escape or even bite! So keeping your dog inside as much as possible is the best way to avoid these complications.

Keep your dog on a leash

A Veterinarian and Two Volunteers Helping a Sick Dog


Many people believe that if you take off with your dog, then they will just run to another house or store to look for help. This is not always the case!

If your dog does get loose during a disaster, there are several things that can be done. First of all, even though this may sound crazy, it is very important to know how to cry for help using dogs.

Second, knowing how to ask for help through our canine friends can save your life or at least keep you and yours safe until help arrives.

Third, knowing these tricks can win lives for you and others. For example, when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August, many people didn’t have anywhere to go. They were looking for food, shelter, and safety.

Their first thought was to look for boats and cars, but most people don’t own a boat and even those who do aren’t sure where their car is since so many areas were flooded.

A lot of people didn’t think about going up onto a bridge or across a river to find someone else. They could have been injured themselves and wouldn’t be able to help anyone else unless they too found some kind of aid.

So, what can we do? We can teach our dogs new ways to help us survive by doing the same thing we would want them to do for us.

Do not allow your dog to lick their wounds

Even if your dog just got out of the car, let him explore outside for a few minutes to recover before bringing him back in. If he is able to walk away with you, take some time to talk about what happened and offer reassurance that he will be okay.

But do not let your dog go back inside the house until he has completed his recovery! This could mean up to an hour or more depending on how much blood he lost and how distressed he became.

If possible, find somewhere safe where he can relax and wash himself properly (using fresh towels). He may need to be watched while doing this to make sure he does not hurt himself further. Once done, have someone check on him periodically to see that he is still sleeping or acting normally.

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