How DogsEat Their Food

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How DogsEat Their Food

June 25, 2023 6 min read

How DogsEat Their Food

Dogs are clever animals, always thinking up new ways to be messy and eat some food! They seem to have their own internal process for figuring out how to enjoy eating what they want. The way dogs eat is definitely entertaining to watch.

Many people talk about the different types of dogs that like to eat certain foods or things. Some dogs will only eat raw meat, while others prefer cooked meats. Some love bones, and many can never stomach them. It seems like every dog has his/her favorite junk food!

Sadly, not everyone gives their dog the best diet to ensure health and wellness. Many owners let their dogs get a few snacks here and there that contain unknown amounts of table scraps or processed foods. These poorly made treats may be high in fat or sugar content, which could make your dog sick or even cause obesity.

This article will discuss the 5 most common reasons why dogs eat poop and tips on how to prevent this behavior. Also, we’ll go over other potential causes such as fear or stress. Hopefully you’ll find it easy to identify the root cause so that you can solve the problem quickly.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for entertainment purposes only. We do not intend to give false information or suggest improper behaviors.

Why Does Mydog Like To Eat Poop?

It may sound gross or strange, but most dogs were raised with exposed feces being part of their daily life.

They gnaw on things

Close-up of a Brown Dog Eating a Bone


The other major cause of food contamination in dogs is eating! Dogs are natural predators so they need to be taught that it’s okay to eat what others have left behind.

If your dog goes through this stage, don’t worry! This can sometimes happen when puppies who haven’t learned how to socialize meat feed off weaker animals or even raw bones.

It’s totally normal for them to get some crunching going on! However, as your puppy matures he/she will learn how to chew more carefully and hopefully stop at only bone.

Never force your dog to eat anything too hard as this could result in choking which would not be pleasant. You should also make sure his/her paws are clean before letting him/ her put any soft foods into his/her mouth.

They swallow too quickly


Many dogs eat their food by simply swallowing it down. This is not a good thing because as they swallow the food, it gets stuck in their throat!

This can cause serious health problems such as weight gain, vomiting, or breathing issues. Since most dogs are hungry for around two hours after eating, this could also be a source of stress for them.

If your dog seems to have trouble swallowing his/her food, try giving him/her a more leisurely meal so that he/she does not need to consume fast. Also, you may want to consider buying your dog special low-fat foods or recipes that require less liquid to be consumed.

By having these changes, your dog will feel happier with himself/ herself and will likely enjoy feeding himself/ herself better as well.

They swallow too much

A Boy Eating His Breakfast while Sitting on a Chair


Many dogs eat more than half of their food before they ever see a plate or bowl! This can easily be avoided by buying thinner bowls that hold less food, or having your dog drink from smaller dishes.

If you notice your dog is eating very quickly, she may not like what she has been given and will try to push it away. If this happens, have her return whatever she does not want and then reward her with the rest of her meal.

This works because most dogs are hungry for about an hour after they are fed, so if she doesn’t enjoy the first bit she will eventually taste something she likes and then eat the rest of her meal.

Another option is to give your dog a small snack earlier in the day so that when she is hungry again she will feel more satisfied.

They drink too much

how dog eat their food

Many dogs enjoy drinking water to excess. This can sometimes be the downfall of your dog as they may consume more than their body requires! Overdrinking is very common in puppies that are thirsty due to their growing bodies.

This can lead to weight gain, health problems or even death if it goes on for longer. Unfortunately, like people, some dogs just want more and bigger drinks.

Dogs need about 2–3 cups of water per day depending on their size. Add one extra cup on top of that and you’ve got yourself a problem.

If your pooch enjoys his/her daily glass of H2O then great, but make sure this doesn’t happen too often otherwise things will get out of hand.

It’s best to try and cut down how many times your dog has a drink so he does not overdo it. Also, give them the option to sleep with a potty box so they don’t have to go outside when they need to urinate or defecate.

They choke

how dog eat their food

Choking is another very common cause of death for dogs that eat food or snacks at home. If your dog eats any type of meat as part-food, they can develop choking issues if there are too many pieces of bone in the meat.

Choking happens when your dog swallows something too big to pass through their mouth and into their throat. This sometimes occurs with small toys like treats, or bigger objects such as a piece of meat.

If your dog starts showing signs of discomfort or distress after eating, get it to throw up as quickly as possible! Depending on what was eaten, you may be able to perform an emergency tracheotomy (to open up the airway) or give oral glucose intravenously (sugar solution).

They get into trouble

how dog eat their food

Many dogs are very curious about what they eat. Sometimes, these hungry dogs will instead of eating their food, try to gnaw or swallow whatever else is nearby. This can be another dog’s meal that they were not given enough of, some raw meat/bone left over from dinner, or even something like a wooden spoon or fork.

If your dog does this, take them straight back home! No matter how hungry they may seem, do not let them play with any other toys as long as they are awake. If you notice signs of discomfort such as drooling, whining, or vomiting, take them right away to the vet so they can check things out.

Some vets cannot determine if your dog has eaten too much without performing an oral exam, which requires your pet to open its mouth. This is never done unless asked! You want to make sure your vet checks all parts of the mouth- including under the tongue, behind the lips, and in between the teeth.

It is also important to know whether your dog has anything lodged in their throat, which could potentially cause death.

They get into the trash

how dog eat their food

Sometimes, your dog gets so hungry that they eat what you throw away or leave at home. This can be tricky to watch for if it happens frequently.

If this is the case, then you need to make sure that your dogs food is not in the garbage. You also have to check your house thoroughly for any leftover foods.

You do not want your dog getting sick because there was no food available for them. Also, having run out of their current supply, these plants will try to compensate by eating more harmful substances instead.

They eat too fast

Woman Feeding Dogs


Believe it or not, most dogs actually enjoy eating! Sure, some are very picky about what they will try and may take longer than others to choose an item, but for the average dog? He/she enjoys feeding time.

Dogs that grow up experiencing variety in their diets are more likely to be well-balanced individuals. This can prevent health problems such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

If your dog is constantly looking at his/her plate, he/ she may not like what they have picked out yet, which could potentially cause stress for them. A less stressed animal means a happier dog!

Give your dog the chance to taste different foods so that they know how to appreciate other things after food has been put in their mouth. If needed, use a spoon to help them down their meal.

Remember, even if your dog doesn’t seem interested in certain foods, don’t make the same mistake we did! Refuse to give up unless you want a hungry puppy.

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