How Many Hours Does Dogs Need To Sleep?

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How Many Hours Does Dogs Need To Sleep?

June 10, 2023 6 min read

Having a sleep-deprived dog can make your life easier in many ways. First, a short sleep will reduce daytime stress levels. Second, a longer sleep will reduce post-sleep-deprivation hunger symptoms.

This is because a long and steady sleep can lock in vitamin and mineral concentrations that help prevent starvation symptoms. A short, light sleep will not have the same effect as a longer one.

Surprisingly, the average length of dogs'sleep is around five to six hours per night. Some get six hours but only after an hour or two of rest intervals. These seven to eight hours may be due to the fact that dogs don’t need as much food after an overnight stay as we thought.

The amount of sleep dogs need depends on their age

How many hours does dogs need to sleep?

Most dogs live in the day-night ratio. However, if you have a dog that loves to be up at night, then he needs less sleep.

If your dog does not spend much time napping, then they should get about 9–11 hours of sleep per night. If your dog sleeps six hours per day, and six hours of that are daytime sleep and other sleep, then he should have a daily score of about 38–40 hours of sleep!

Although most animals do not get enough sleeping time, some animals do thangs like cats. A cat with lots of nighttime kitty snoozing may seem like they need more sleeping time than they do. However, the reality is that most cats only get about 8–10 hours of actual nighttime snoozing each night!

The reason for the difference in animal sleeping patterns is because animals have different schedules for waking and sleeping. Schedule Istances such as humans and dogs wake up at different times every day, needing different amounts of shut-eye.

Younger dogs need more sleep

Siberian Husky Puppies Sleeping on the Floor


As we get older, the number of hours we need sleeps decreases. This is due to a lack of sleep in our lives, or in our dogs’ lives.

As we grow older, things like exercise and responsibilities increase. As we find it harder to sleep and wake up at night, this may be due to the exercise and responsibility increases.

For example, a dog pursuing life as an adventurer would need more sleep than a dog who prefers a life of comfort.

Why is this? Part of the reason is that there are things that can cause sleep problems for us humans such as pain or discomfort during sleep and/or wakefulness during day time.

Another reason is that older dogs have trouble finding comfortable rest times like when it gets dark or goes quiet.

Older dogs need more sleep

Grayscale Photo of Dogs Sleeping on a Rug


Most dogs start bedtime around 6 to 8 pm and usually sleep as late as 4 or 5 in the morning. This is normal behavior for your dog, as he was probably sleep deprived from being on a short sleep cycle.

The issue can be that he does not get enough rest in the day. More than half of dogs spend at least some time working off time, and only a few get the full eight hours per day.

This is important to know, because your dog should be on a schedule and on call-to-bed time. If he doesn’t have a nap or breakfast time, it can become clear why he needs more sleep.

Poor quality sleep can lead to all kinds of issues, including obesity, immune system problems, bad moods/disputes, forgetfulness, and overworkness. Even if your dog doesn’t need the extra sleep, it’s important to know his sleeping schedule so they can adjust their work schedules to benefit them.

Breeds that require less sleep include Yorkshire terriers, chihuahuas, and others with small droopy eyes

How many hours does dogs need to sleep?

Most dogs do not sleep for hours at a time. However, if you are looking for a dog that needs less sleep, then you may want to consider these next dogs.

The chihuahua is one of the breeds that require the least amount of sleep. This is due to their short sleeping hours and their short life span.

The chiweenie is another breed that requires little or no sleep. This is because they only live for a few months! The teddy bear breed (the yorkie) only need a little bit of sleep as they are very low in energy level at night and need minimal attention when awake.

If you are looking for a dog that likes you more than your dog likes you, then take into account the next breed that requires less sleep.

Dogs that nap a lot are probably not getting enough sleep

Siberian Husky Puppies Sleeping on the Floor



Many dogs are sleep deprived, with one in five dogs being sleep deprived proportionally to the rest of the dog’s life.

This has some consequences for your dog, as he may be affected by poor health, anxiety, and/or cognitive ability.

Luckily, you can help your dog get a good night’s sleep by having a few hours of rest yourself each day. This is possible even if you are already asleep by late afternoon or early evening!

The best time to take a rest is after work or before bedtime. You want to want to be sleepy so that you can easily drift off, so try setting an alarm or making a habit to get up at the same time every day.

You can also try having a bedtime routine such as reading together or doing something fun afterward.

Dogs prefer to rest on cool surfaces like concrete or cold tile flooring

How many hours does dogs need to sleep?

Sleeping is a very important thing for dogs. Most two to four pound dogs can sleep for about eight to twelve hours in a day, so it is important for them to get enough rest.

It is also very good for them to sleep as much as they want as they please, which can be fun in the house. Most dogs stop sleeping when they begin waking frequently times.

Waking up at night is a sign that the dog needs to rest or eats too little. If you are eating enough, then this may be the case.

Most of the time, dogs need ten or twelve hours of sleep per day, but some need more and some less. The amount of time they need depends on their individual needs.

Many times, owners take their dog out at night because it wants to rest or because it needs "time alone" with its thoughts.

Dogs tend to favor one side of their body for resting

Medium Short-coated White Dog on White Textile


While the average human needs seven to 8 hours of sleep per night, dogs may need less than other pets.

This may be due to the length of time they sleep and how little others get. Most dogs nap often, sometimes for half an hour at a time.

A whole day without a nap can really wear down some people, making it difficult to do my job well. At the same time, many owners don’t appreciate how much downtime they need when taking care of their dog.

As mentioned above, most dogs sleep lightly, taking about six to eight hours on a good day. A few hours of sleep can be needed every day, making it important to get enough rest.

Most owners wake up with their dog every morning and say, “I have to take him out for a walk now!” But it is important to let your dog get enough rest before you take them out.

Dogs that start sleeping longer and staying asleep longer are likely improving their health

How many hours does dogs need to sleep?

If you’re thinking of taking your dog to the beach or a dog park, you might be surprised to find that they need more sleep.

The longer dogs are awake, the more energy they have to perform activities such as walking, playing, and sleeping.

This health benefit is likely due to reduced health care costs over time. Because dogs are out for less time than people, there is a savings in medical costs.

How Much Sleep Does Your Dog Need?

Every dog is different, so how much sleep your dog needs can be tricky. Most experts suggest that dogs between one and three years old get at least six hours of sleep per night on average. This includes six hours of rest during daytime hours and six more in the evening!

After that, the average difference in sleep duration becomes noticeable. This may be due to owners trying to get their dogs up at night to go out or spend time in a park or other fun environment.

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