How Often Should You Take Dog Out When Potty Training

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How Often Should You Take Dog Out When Potty Training

January 02, 2023 6 min read

The hardest part of potty training is figuring out when to take your dog outside! Luckily, we have some tips here for you.

This article will talk about how often to let your puppy go to the bathroom during potty training. It can be tricky, but staying consistent with this guideline will make things much easier in the long run!

Does your pooch like to wait until just before bedtime to go number one? This could be because they are sleepy or even though they don’t feel well.

There is nothing wrong with that as long as their conditions aren’t changing. But if they start urinating more frequently or very quickly then it may be a sign that they need to go out more frequently too.

We all know dogs do not like being left alone for long periods of time so this can sometimes be a factor in why they hold it. However, there are ways to help your dog get into the habit faster by understanding how frequent potty breaks should be.

What is the ideal timing for potty breaks?

The best way to find out how often to take your dog out depends on what stage of training you are at. There are four main stages where most puppies enter into potty training.

Stage 1- Puppy Beginners

In the first few weeks, the biggest challenge will be getting your dog to use the toilet instead of the floor or couch.

Overnight dry-down

The next stage of training is called overnight or dry-down training. This is when you take your dog out for the night, and he must be able to wait until you wake up to go potty!

This is usually around 6 months old for some dogs, so they can learn this skill at that age. You have to remember to put him away in his crate while you both sleep, and give him lots of rewards for being good.

Older dogs may need help staying awake during the night, so that they don’t want to start going potty!

Once your puppy is sleeping through without waking up, you can move onto taking him outside during the day time! So, keep practicing and soon your pooch will be letting himself out just like an adult.

Let them try

how often to take dog out when potty training

One of the biggest reasons why dogs get potty trained later is because people take their dog out too soon. Dogs learn by example, so if you take your dog outside immediately after asking it to go #PowerPotty, then it will not know what to do!

Dogs are social animals, which means they need time together with other animals or humans to understand how things work. If you must take your dog out right away, hold it in a quiet room until it learns that it needs to go out.

You can also wait till it goes into another room to make sure it does not have an accident there. Once it has gone through this process, then take it to the outdoor area, slowly at first, and see how it progresses.

Give them a reward

While it is important to take your dog out when they need to go, there are limits to how often you should do this. If your puppy does not seem to be interested in going outside, try holding them down while they want to get up or making them watch a specific movie for a few minutes before letting them free.

If their behavior seems unnatural, make sure that everything looks okay and then give them a small treat so that they feel rewarded for being outdoors.

At times, dogs will need more time than others to learn about potty training. This can be due to many things such as if they have separation anxiety or fear of other animals, or if they just take longer to warm up towards new people.

Overall, though, most puppies grow out of this stage soon!

Practice makes perfect, and since dogs are naturally curious, trying to distract them may help facilitate pooping outside.

Stay consistent

how often to take dog out when potty training

While this may sound like a lot, it is not! It is average of three times per day, every day. If you can’t do at least that then start with less and work your way up.

This will take some time but don’t give up! You want to make sure that whatever system they use (noodle, box, potty) doesn’t get left behind or lost as well.

It is very common for owners to put off training their dog because they think they have given enough attempts and it just isn’t working. This could be due to many things such as having too much other stuff going on in life, no one helping them out, or simply giving up.

Don’t let yourself fall into this habit! Keep trying until you succeed and eventually you will! The most important thing to remember when potty training is consistency.

Dog breeds that are trained early seem to keep themselves busy so that they don’t need too much help along the way. Chihuahuas, in fact, are sometimes said to “learn by doing” which makes it easier to teach them certain behaviors.

Use a scent

how often to take dog out when potty training

One of the most important things when potty training your dog is how often they need to go out. Obviously, if you take them outside every time they have an accident then that is good but it is not always possible or practical.

If you don’t feel like taking your dog out at this moment, there are ways to help them get into the habit of going in their own poop. The first thing you can do is use a odorized pooper scooper. These products contain chemicals which dogs associate with going to the bathroom so they naturally try to use the product instead of doing something else.

For example, if your dog loves food she will try to eat the pooper scooped up by the product instead of using the toilet. This doesn’t make sense does it? Luckily, there are nutritional supplements such as omega-3 fats that can be used for pooping! By adding these into your dog's diet, they will begin associating the powder with going to the bathroom, thus helping her to learn how to manage her bowel movements.

Stay close by

how often to take dog out when potty training

The first thing you need to know is how often you should take your dog out during potty training. This will depend on their breed, but most puppies and dogs spend around eight to ten hours indoors every day!

That means if you are taking them outside for a short time to try the potty technique, they can still have an additional two to three hours of playtime before they must be taken to the bathroom.

If this sounds like too much time for both of you, then it may be better to start with some basic housetraining techniques that do not require going out every time.

These include using a crate or designated potty area, timing toilet trips, and putting the litter box in more accessible places.

Use a leash

how often to take dog out when potty training

While there is no set rule about how often you should take your dog out for potty training, most experts agree that every day is the best way to go! Keeping the pooch confined outside while he goes makes it more likely he will hold it until you get home, where he can be rewarded with treats and praise.

Some dogs are trained in their early days to go outdoors easily without needing extra help. For these dogs, having an outdoor enclosure or area away from house kennels is not needed.

For other dogs, however, this takes some time. They may need additional motivation, like a walk back to you, before they are willing to go into the yard alone.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry! There are ways to help your puppy along during this process.

Practice makes perfect

how often to take dog out when potty training

The more times you take your dog out for potty training, the better it will get! Most dogs begin to associate going outside with getting a reward, which helps them be more willing to go outside and use the toilet when they need to.

A small treat is usually enough of a incentive at this stage, but as your puppy gets older he or she may require something bigger. A favorite toy can work, but make sure it isn’t one that smells bad or that your dog has already chewed up.

You can also try putting some of the litter box material in the water to add an element of surprise. If your dog does not like these changes, don’t worry! Just start back at step 1 and keep practicing until things smooth out.

Some puppies never seem to hit the right timing and others are much faster than expected, so there is no rule about how many sessions it takes before success. What we do recommend is to give yourself a week to see if progress is being made before giving up.

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