How To Know If Female Dogs Are Ready To Get Pregnant

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How To Know If Female Dogs Are Ready To Get Pregnant

June 23, 2023 5 min read

How To Know If Female Dogs Are Ready To Get Pregnant

When it comes to having a baby, there are several steps a dog must go through before she can have a baby. These steps include:

Caring for the baby for some time after birth to grow and socialize with it

Monitoring the baby to see if it’s growing and taking care of it

Releasing the puppy if you have one

Getting the pup ready for its new family by meeting with breeders and going through a minimum adoption period is when most people discover whether or not your puppy is ready to have a puppies.

Pit bulls are generally viewed as being very aggressive and tough. This makes it hard for breeders to determine if a pup is ready to be born or not.

Ask your vet

How to know if female dogs are ready to get pregnant

It is recommended that dogs less than 2 years old be non-monotonic, meaning they can’t tell you when their cycle starts and ends. This is due to possible complications that can arise if this age dog had a full cycle.

Non-monotonous cycles may not occur every month, which makes it easier to determine if a dog is ready to have a baby. A non-monotonous cycle may occur every other month or more, making it harder to tell if a dog is ready.

Most dogs fall in the middle range of when they are ready and when they should have their first baby. The recommended time between eviction and first baby is around 6–8 weeks after last puppy birth.

Look for signs of estrus

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When a female dog is ready to reproduce, she’s going to want to be ready for a short time. This is her time to exercise her legs in preparation for breeding, so look for signs of estrus.

Signs of estrus include: increased activity levels, decreased need forestinal nourishment, decreased frequency of nursing, and increased appetite.

Estrus is usually marked by the dog getting more interested in her baby and wanting to carry it in her uterus. This is around the time the dog will want to breed again, so again, checking with your vet is important.

How often you should check your dog for estrus depends on how soon you notice changes.

Know the times she is most fertile


When a dog is in her peak fertility window, it’s important to know the times she is most fertile. This is due to risk of infidelity and/or a lost pregnancy.

The male dog around the time of ovulation is at the most risk for adultery and/or a lost pregnancy. This does not apply to dogs that have had an abortion, as they are still technically in the fertile period.

The times when a dog is least fertile are during menstruation and during pregnancy, which can be as long as six months. When letting a dog off the leash, it is especially important to know when she’s most fertile to prevent any infidelity or a lost pregnancy.

Know what signs your dog shows of being pregnant.

Monitor her behavior around males

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It is a good rule of thumb to not let dogs into your home if they might be too familiar with other dogs. This can be important when trying to determine if your dog is pregnant.

If your dog has already had some experience with other dogs, monitor her behavior and her interaction with other dogs. Is she avoiding other dogs or picking on only one dog?

Is she getting higher than usual amounts of interest in puppies, or any special treatment? These signs are typical of exploitation, as it shows how much she wants to be a part of the group.

The thing to watch for is when a female dog needs help reproducing. When this happens, it is important that the owner or someone at the shelter knows what sex their pet is so they can help them produce babies.

Know the signs of pregnancy

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Before you go into breeding season, it is important to know the signs of pregnancy. These include increased appetite, decreased interest in exercise, increased grooming needs, and changes in routine.

Most importantly, watch for changes in size and behavior. A healthy dog should be in the full size and shape he or she was before pregnancy.

How to Know if Your Dog Is Pregnant

The best way to know if your dog is pregnant is through a vaginal exam. The best way to do this is during normal house training rules are in. After learning the new rule must be followed, try it out at home first to make sure it works. If your dog has been trying to get away from the rule for a while, then assume she is pregnant and need more space!

If your dog has no symptoms but you think she’s pregnant, there are some things you can do to help her find out.

Check her urine test

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If your dog is already pregnant, she should always be tested for pregnancy every week. This is due to the chance of stillbirth or the possibility of a smaller, less healthy baby.

This is to make sure she isn’t pregnant and to check for an early pregnancy test. It can sometimes be difficult to tell when a dog is past her pre-pregnancy weight, so checking weekly makes it more accurate.

The best time to check is right after she goes outside for the first time and her urine shows up — that way, she can see what kind of water she has inside her body.

If you have another dog that’s already puppy-training your pup, then only checking when they are home or at bedtime would help prevent caffeine or heatstroke-related test results.

Watch her eat

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This may seem very basic, but watch how your dog eats. If she is eating a lot in long, frequent stomach movements, she is pregnant.

This means that she is hungry enough to eat her food, and that she is enjoying hers. She should be able to eat more than just her kibble at this stage of the life cycle.

She should be able to hold her food without too much difficulty and eat slowly. This way you can tell if she is eating because she is hungry or because she wants to eat.

If dogs are reluctant to eat at this stage of the life cycle, it may be due to lack of nutrients in their diets.

Pay attention to her behavior around males

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It is a good rule of thumb to let your dog know her expected gender before she goes into season. This is to make sure she is prepared for the male dog in her litter.

If your dog has never mated, it is recommended that you wait until she is around two or three years old before attempting pregnancy. This comes with experience, but in my experience, the two-year mark is a good one to aim for.

The two-year mark for most dogs is when they learn if a male or female puppy makes them feel warm or funny. The two-year mark for dogs who have never mating is when they attempt pregnancy and fail because the male does not come out enough.

This article talks about ways to know if your dog is ready to get pregnant, but also tells you what signs to look for so you can tell if you need to pay attention.

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