The Best Dog Carriers for Small Breeds

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The Best Dog Carriers for Small Breeds

April 16, 2024 13 min read

Traveling with your small furry friend can be a breeze with the right dog carrier. Small breeds require carriers that are not only comfortable and secure but also practical and stylish for the pet parent. The Dogsnug Dog Carriers offer a perfect blend of these features, ensuring that your little companion is snug and happy while on the move. This article delves into the best dog carriers for small breeds, with a focus on the unique needs of tiny canines like Dachshunds and how Dogsnug carriers meet those needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Dogsnug carriers provide a 2-in-1 solution, acting as both a secure carrier and a comfortable travel bed for small breeds.
  • Adjustable straps and a soft design ensure comfort for both the pet and the owner, while also offering a calming environment.
  • The carriers are made with durable materials like polyester and fire retardant wadding, with solid brass fittings for added safety.
  • Specially designed for small breeds, including custom options for Dachshunds, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  • Dogsnug carriers are not only functional but also fashionable, with various color options and limited edition designs for stylish pet parents.

Comprehensive Guide to Dogsnug Dog Carriers

Comprehensive Guide to Dogsnug Dog Carriers

2-in-1 Carrier & Travel Bed

The innovative 2-in-1 Dog Carrier and Travel Bed offers unparalleled convenience for you and comfort for your pet. This versatile product serves as a cozy carrier during your outings and transforms into a snug travel bed at your destination. With its easy-to-use design, your dog can enjoy the familiarity of their own space, no matter where you go.

The carrier's transformation into a bed is effortless, providing a familiar and secure place for your dog to rest while away from home.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • A safe and secure retreat for your dog to relax
  • Unzips fully to convert into a comfortable bed
  • Ideal for socializing puppies and supporting senior pets
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, ensuring a comfortable journey for both pet and owner

Whether you're hopping on public transport, making a trip to the vet, or simply out for a day of shopping, this carrier ensures that your dog will always have a safe place to unwind. The carrier's flat foam base and structured foam sides offer a comfy ride, while the stylish plaid design adds a touch of elegance to your travels.

Adjustable Straps for Comfort

The design of the dog carrier's straps is a critical feature for ensuring both pet and owner comfort during use. Adjustable straps allow for a custom fit, catering to pet owners of different heights and builds. The straps are not only adjustable but also padded, which helps distribute the weight of your pet evenly across your body, reducing the likelihood of strain or discomfort.

The carrier's unique strap design is intended to balance the weight of your pup, with a sturdy board at the bottom for support, ensuring that your pet can sit comfortably in the bag.

Additionally, the carrier includes a safety strap with a clip to latch onto a harness or collar, providing extra security for your small breed during travel. For added convenience, the carrier features multiple pockets, including a safety zip pocket in the back panel for easy access to essentials like your phone, wallet, and keys, as well as additional slip pockets for other necessities.

The carrier is designed for both right and left-hand use, making it versatile for all pet parents. Whether you're navigating through large crowds or simply taking a stroll, the adjustable straps ensure that you can carry your pet comfortably and safely.

Materials and Durability

When selecting a dog carrier for your small breed, the materials and durability are paramount. Dog carriers are crafted from various materials, each offering distinct benefits and longevity. Metal carriers, such as those made from electrophoresis steel, are ideal for outdoor use due to their robustness and resistance to the elements. On the other hand, carriers made from nylon, mesh, and other synthetic fabrics are celebrated for their light weight and portability, though they may not withstand the test of time as metal does.

The right material choice for your dog carrier depends on your specific needs, whether it's for frequent travel or stationary use in a safe outdoor area.

For a clearer understanding, consider the following table outlining the differences in weight and material between two types of carriers:

Material Type Weight Range Ideal Use
Metal (Steel) 24 to 43 lbs Outdoors
Fabric (Nylon/Mesh) 4.7 to 11.05 lbs Travel

It's also crucial to note the ease of assembly and portability. A carrier that is difficult to break down or transport can detract from its overall utility, regardless of its durability. Some fabric carriers come with a carrying case, adding to their convenience, but may require an extra set of hands to pack away efficiently.

Safety Features for Small Breeds

Ensuring the safety of small breeds during travel is paramount. Dogsnug carriers come equipped with a safety strap and clip to secure your pet to a harness or collar, providing peace of mind in bustling crowds or during unsettling events like thunderstorms. The interior is lined with a strong yet soft cotton fabric, offering the perfect support for your little companion.

Small enough for convenient storage, the carrier can be kept in a purse, bag, or car, ready for any adventure. Whether you're right or left-handed, the design accommodates comfortable and safe carrying for both pet and owner.

For those with multiple small pets, Dogsnug offers the option to add a second safety strap, ensuring both pets can be carried securely. Remember to always keep a hand on your pet when bending down, as an extra precaution for their safety.

Choosing the Right Size and Fit

Choosing the Right Size and Fit

Size Charts for Dog Carriers

When selecting a carrier for your small breed dog, the right size is paramount for their comfort and safety. Size charts are an essential tool to guide you in choosing a carrier that fits your dog's specific dimensions and weight. Here's a quick reference table for common carrier sizes:

Size (DxWxH) Max Weight Suitable for
29x23x23 cm 7 kg Puppies, Toy and Small Breeds
40x23x23 cm 9 kg Mini Dachshund, Long Dogs
50x23x23 cm 10 kg Dachshund XLong Base

Remember, these measurements are a starting point. It's important to consider your dog's breed, growth potential, and sleeping style to ensure the right fit and support. For adjustable strap carriers, lengths typically range from 70-90 cm (28-36 inches), providing flexibility and comfort for the pet parent.

Always verify your dog's size before purchasing a carrier. Measure both the height and width when your dog is sitting to account for their full size. Weight limits are a reference, but dimensions will ensure a snug and secure fit.

Keep in mind that dogs, like humans, prefer their own space. A carrier that's too large can be just as uncomfortable as one that's too small. Selecting the perfect size and shape of a dog bed is crucial for your pet's comfort.

Custom Options for Dachshunds

Dachshunds, with their unique body shape, require carriers that cater to their long base and comfort. Finding the perfect fit is crucial for their well-being during travel. Below is a selection of custom options tailored for Dachshund sizes and preferences:

Base Type Color Personalization Price (Rs.)
Long Base Black No 11,600.00
Long Base Black Yes (+
£5.00) 12,100.00
XLong Base Olive (Ltd. Ed.) No 13,700.00
XLong Base Olive (Ltd. Ed.) Yes (+
£5.00) 14,300.00
When selecting a carrier, consider not only the size but also the comfort and style that will make your Dachshund feel at home, even when on the move.

It's important to note that limited edition colors and the option for personalization can add a touch of individuality to your dog's carrier, making it as unique as your pet. The additional cost for personalization is a small price to pay for a carrier that fits your Dachshund's needs and your aesthetic preferences.

Ensuring a Snug and Secure Fit

Ensuring a snug and secure fit for your small breed in a dog carrier is crucial for their safety and comfort. Adjustable features are key to finding that perfect fit, allowing you to tailor the carrier to your dog's size and shape. For instance, carriers with adjustable straps help distribute weight evenly, which is essential for both your comfort and your pet's.

When selecting a carrier, it's important to consider the design and how it will hold your pet. A deep pocket or safety strap that attaches to your pet's collar can provide additional security, ensuring they remain safe even when you're on the move.

Here are some tips to ensure a snug and secure fit:

  • Measure your dog carefully before purchasing a carrier.
  • Look for carriers with adjustable straps and safety features like clips for harnesses or collars.
  • Choose a carrier that allows your pet to ride at your waist level to reduce back strain.
  • Opt for a carrier with a snug fit to prevent your pet from wobbling during transport.

Remember, a carrier that's too large can be just as uncomfortable as one that's too small. It's about finding the right balance between space and support.

The Comfort Factor

The Comfort Factor

Soft and Supportive Design

When selecting a dog carrier, the comfort of your furry friend is paramount. The Soft Puppy Carrier is designed to envelop your pet in a snug, supportive embrace, mimicking the sensation of being cuddled. Its plush interior, made from 100% Polyester Fire Retardant Wadding, ensures a soft and secure environment for your small breed during travel.

The carrier's adjustable strap allows your pet to stay close to you, feeling your heartbeat, which can be especially calming. This feature is not only beneficial for your pet's emotional well-being but also for their sense of security.

For pet parents, the ease of maintenance is a crucial factor. The Soft Puppy Carrier is machine washable, catering to a busy lifestyle and ensuring that your pet's space remains clean and hygienic with minimal effort. The timeless, minimal design also means that the carrier can seamlessly transition to a stylish accessory when no longer needed for your pet.

Creating a Calming Environment

Creating a calming environment within a dog carrier is essential for the well-being of small breeds during travel. The Dogsnug carrier's design mimics a comforting embrace, allowing your pet to feel secure and at ease. The inner lining, made from a soft polyester fire retardant wadding, contributes to a snug and safe space for your furry friend.

To enhance the calming effect, consider incorporating familiar items such as a favorite blanket or toy. This can help to create a sense of familiarity and comfort for your dog. Additionally, products like ADAPTIL Dog Calming Diffuser have been known to help dogs feel calmer, which can be especially useful in new or stressful situations.

It's important to monitor your dog's behavior changes when introducing new elements to their environment, ensuring harmony in the home and during travel.

Remember, treats and toys are also available to provide distraction and positive reinforcement, aiding in the creation of a tranquil carrier atmosphere.

Benefits of a Travel Bed

A travel bed is an essential accessory for pet parents who often take their small breed dogs on trips. The comfort and familiarity of a travel bed can significantly reduce stress for pets during travel. Not only does it provide a snug place for your dog to rest, but it also serves as a consistent and safe space in various environments.

  • Familiarity breeds comfort; a travel bed maintains a consistent environment for your dog.
  • Reduces anxiety by providing a secure and enclosed space.
  • Doubles as a resting place and a protective carrier.
A travel bed is not just a luxury; it's a tool to enhance your furry friend's well-being during travel. It's a portable piece of home that reassures your dog, no matter where you go.

Travel beds are also practical for pet parents. They are easy to transport and can quickly transition from a carrier to a bed, making them ideal for various travel scenarios. Whether you're hopping on public transport, taking a road trip, or visiting friends, a travel bed ensures your dog's comfort is always a priority.

Practicality for Pet Parents

Practicality for Pet Parents

Ease of Transportation

For pet parents on the go, the ease of transporting your furry friend is a top priority. Carriers designed with portability in mind make life significantly easier, whether you're heading to the vet or embarking on a weekend getaway. Many modern carriers come equipped with features such as lightweight materials, ergonomic handles, and adjustable shoulder straps, ensuring that you can move your pet with minimal effort and maximum comfort.

The best carriers strike a balance between sturdy construction and lightweight design, allowing for both safety and ease of transport.

Here are some key considerations for transportation ease:

  • Lightweight materials that don't add unnecessary weight
  • Ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip
  • Adjustable shoulder straps to suit different body types
  • Compact dimensions for fitting in various modes of transport
  • Foldable or collapsible structures for when the carrier is not in use

Remember, a carrier that's cumbersome to carry will likely deter you from using it as often as you might need. Choose a model that you can handle comfortably, and your small breed dog will thank you for the smooth travels.

Hands-Free Convenience

The modern pet parent values not only the safety and comfort of their furry companion but also the ease with which they can transport them. Hands-free dog carriers offer the perfect solution for those who are always on the go. With features like adjustable shoulder straps and safety clips, these carriers allow you to keep your pet close without restricting your movement, whether you're navigating through busy streets or attending outdoor events.

  • Includes a safety strap with a clip to latch onto a harness or collar
  • Suitable for right or left-hand use
  • Ideal for keeping pets secure in large crowds or during stressful situations
The convenience of a hands-free carrier means your pet can accompany you on more adventures, ensuring they don't miss out on the fun while staying safe and comfortable.

Many of these carriers are designed with storage in mind, easily fitting into a purse, bag, or car when not in use. This makes them an excellent choice for pet parents who value practicality and preparedness. For those with multiple small pets, some carriers even offer the option to add a second safety strap, ensuring that everyone can join in on the journey.

Transitioning from Carrier to Bed

The Heart, Stars and Paws Convertible Dog Bed is not just a carrier; it's a portable sanctuary for your small dog or cat. With its innovative design, transitioning from a secure carrier to a comfortable bed is a breeze. Simply unzip the carrier, and it unfolds into a warm and inviting bed, making it a convenient choice for pet parents on the go.

  • Unzip the carrier completely
  • Fold down the structured foam sides
  • Adjust the straps if necessary to create a flat base

This seamless transition ensures that your pet always has a familiar and secure place to rest, no matter where your travels take you. The carrier's dual functionality means you can reduce the number of items you need to carry, making your journey lighter and more enjoyable.

The convenience of a travel bed that packs down with foam sides offers a sense of continuity and comfort for your pet. It's their go-to spot to chill, providing a safe haven in unfamiliar environments.

Style Meets Functionality

Style Meets Functionality

Fashionable Color Options

When it comes to style, the color of your dog carrier can make a significant statement. Choosing the right hue is not just about aesthetics; it's about expressing your personality and that of your furry friend. For those who prefer a classic look, a sleek black carrier is always in vogue and offers a touch of sophistication to your pet's travel ensemble.

Our range includes a variety of color options to suit every taste. Whether you're looking for a subtle beige that blends seamlessly with any outfit or a bold black that stands out, we've got you covered. Here's a quick glance at some of the popular choices:

  • Black
  • Beige
Remember, the color you pick is more than just a carrier; it's a fashion accessory that travels with you and your pet wherever you go.

Each color option is thoughtfully paired with features that enhance functionality, such as adjustable straps and safety features tailored for small breeds. The carriers are not only stylish but also built to last, ensuring that your investment is both fashionable and practical.

Limited Edition Designs

For the discerning pet owner, limited edition dog carriers offer an exclusive touch to your furry friend's travel gear. These special designs are not only a testament to your style but also ensure that your pet stands out in a crowd. The pet fashion industry emphasizes comfort, functionality, and style, and these carriers are no exception, balancing aesthetics with the well-being of your dog.

Here's a glimpse at some of the limited edition options available:

  • Chelsea Garden
  • The Belgravia
  • Sand Sheltie
  • Pink Herringbone
  • Strawberry Thief (A Liberty Print)

Prices for these unique designs vary, reflecting their exclusivity and the intricate work involved in their creation. For example, the Dachshund XLong Base in Rust (Ltd. Ed.) is priced at Rs. 15,400.00, with an additional option to add a special feature for an extra £5.00.

Embrace the blend of luxury and comfort with these limited edition carriers, ensuring your pet's travels are as stylish as they are cozy.

Accessorizing with Your Dog Carrier

Accessorizing your dog carrier is not just about style; it's about enhancing the functionality and comfort for your pet. Choose accessories that serve a purpose, whether it's for convenience or your dog's well-being. For instance, a clip-on water bowl ensures hydration on the go, while a matching blanket can provide additional warmth and comfort.

  • Clip-on water bowl for hydration
  • Coordinating blankets for warmth
  • Attachable toy pouches for entertainment
  • Key rings or poo bag holders for convenience
Remember, the right accessories can make your dog's travel experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

When selecting accessories, consider the materials and compatibility with your carrier. Durable, easy-to-clean items are a must. The joy of accessorizing lies in the personal touch it adds, making your dog's carrier a reflection of your shared lifestyle.


Choosing the right dog carrier for your small breed is essential for both comfort and convenience. The So Fluffy! Puppy & Dachshund Dog Carrier stands out as a top choice, offering a snug and secure environment that doubles as a travel bed. Its high-quality materials, such as 100% polyester fabric and solid brass fittings, ensure durability and safety. The adjustable straps provide a custom fit, allowing your pet to feel your reassuring presence. Whether you're commuting, shopping, or simply out for a stroll, this carrier caters to the unique needs of small dogs and puppies, making every outing stress-free and enjoyable. With options for different sizes and colors, it's a versatile and stylish accessory that will make your furry friend's travels as comfortable as a cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Dogsnug Dog Carrier ideal for small breeds?

The Dogsnug Dog Carrier is designed with a 2-in-1 feature that serves as both a carrier and a travel bed, providing a calming and cozy environment for small breeds. It's made with soft but structured foam sides that help your dog feel safe and secure, and the adjustable straps ensure comfort and security for both you and your pet.

How do I choose the right size carrier for my small dog or puppy?

You can refer to the size charts available for Dogsnug Dog Carriers, which detail dimensions suitable for puppies, toy, and small breeds, as well as custom options for Dachshunds and other long dogs to ensure a snug and secure fit.

What materials are used in the construction of Dogsnug Dog Carriers?

Dogsnug Dog Carriers are made with an outer fabric of 100% Polyester, an inner lining of 100% Polyester Fire Retardant Wadding, Polypropylene Webbing for the strap, and Solid Brass fittings, offering durability and safety.

Are there any safety features specifically for Dachshunds?

Yes, the carrier includes an adjustable strap height to allow your Dachshund to feel your heartbeat, which can help calm your pet and make them feel secure and comforted. Additionally, the sturdy construction accommodates the unique body shape of long dogs like Dachshunds.

Can the Dogsnug Dog Carrier be easily transported?

Absolutely, the Dogsnug Dog Carrier is designed for ease of transportation, allowing you to hop on public transit, go shopping, or socialize your puppy hands-free. It also serves as a handy travel bed with packable foam sides for your dog's comfort on the go.

Does the Dogsnug Dog Carrier come in different styles and colors?

Yes, the Dogsnug Dog Carrier offers fashionable color options including classic black, and limited edition colors such as Olive and Rust. It combines style with functionality, allowing you to accessorize with your dog carrier while ensuring your pet's comfort.


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