Why Dogs And Cats Always Fight

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Why Dogs And Cats Always Fight

February 06, 2023 7 min read

There are many theories about why dogs and cats always seem to have such an uphill battle for love, trust, and understanding, but none of them really match up with reality.

A popular theory is that as puppies, they form strong bonds with their parents and then when they grow up, these bonded children feel insecure because they believe there’s no one else in the world who could possibly care for them. Therefore, the offspring develop protective instincts by keeping a constant watchful eye on you — which can sometimes turn into hostility or even violence if you break down their guard.

This theory might make sense at first, but it doesn’t hold water once adults come around. Because most people realize that animals are sentient beings just like us, creating unnecessary emotional stress is not a good thing.

Another theory suggests that since kittens and puppies live mostly outside-of-the-home environments as young kids, they learn how to be socialized early on and so being part of a pack comes naturally. As they get older though, this natural instinct seems to go out the window and they begin to question whether or not they truly want to be part of a pack. This is where things often end badly for them.

They are both stubborn

Why dogs and cats always fight

There is no good reason why dogs and cats must always fight with each other. In fact, most of their fights have little to do about true love.

Most dog-cat conflicts happen because one animal wants something that the other doesn’t want. It can be food, space or play time!

Thinking back to high school, I know what you're going to say: "Dogs eat meat!" Well yes, but even vegetarian animals need space to exercise their muscles and digests plants.

Food is usually the main cause of conflict between dogs and cats. When they are fighting over food, it is very difficult for them to reach an understanding.

One way to avoid this problem is to never give your cat or dog leftovers.

They are both aggressive

A Two Golden Retrievers Playing Tug of War on a Snow Covered Ground


There is a reason why dogs and cats always seem to get into some sort of conflict with each other. While they are playful for short periods of time, both animals are really competitive and want the same things – food being one major thing!

In fact, when you look at it, their constant competition over resources is what creates most of their fights. When these two species meet, even more often than not, there will be a fight.

It’s kind of like how two people in a room can sit across from each other and not say anything but still have a lot going on under the surface. Well, that’s exactly what happens between cats and dogs.

Not only do both need space, but also food, toys, and playmates, which are all very important to them. This article will go into detail about this.

They both bite

Dogs Fighting on the Street


When two animals of the same species are in the same room, they will usually try to breed with each other! This is called mating.

Dogs and cats are very similar so when they meet they want to have sex. Since they are natural predators, they will also compete for food or territory.

This can become really violent since dogs and cats need to eat too! Their mouths get stuck together, making it hard to swallow or breathe properly. If you see your dog or cat acting strangely because it’s being attacked, call the vet right away.

Something important about fighting dogs

Mostly, dogs don’t aim to hurt their opponents seriously unless they are threatened themselves. Even then, they won’t go all out if they aren’t feeling particularly strong that day.

If you happen to be close enough to help, even if it’s only to pull one off, then do that! Chances are good that person will be okay, but not so for the animal who didn’t threaten them.

Fighting dogs may snap sometimes, but this doesn’t mean they’re bad pets. It just means they’re doing things without thinking about the consequences fully.

They both scratch

When two animals of the same species are in close proximity, they usually will want to interact with each other. If one animal tries to approach or touch the other, then things can get ugly quickly.

This is normal behavior — it’s how domesticated dogs and cats socialize with each other and what makes them loyal companions.

But for some reason, when two very young kittens or puppies meet, they must battle it out!

When these little ones are together for the first time, there’s often some snarling, growling, hissing, and nipping. Sometimes even teeth!

It doesn’t make sense- why would two cute, cuddly babies be enemies?

Well, it seems like at this stage their parents have failed in their role as pack leader or parent figure. You see, most adult pets lose interest when another baby comes along.

They stop interacting with the newcomer and sometimes reject it outright. This isn’t necessarily because they don’t like kids, but more likely due to something from their past that has made them feel insecure or threatened.

For example, if you had a big dog who was bullied as a puppy, he may never fully recover and trust new people or situations.

So, when he meets someone else whose looks or behaviors remind him of those bullies, he may keep his distance until he feels safe.

They both hiss

Why dogs and cats always fight

Sometimes, even when there is no one around to make eye contact with or tell them not to, a dog will get into an argument with another animal. Or a cat will start a fight with something completely unexpected.

This can sometimes be very frustrating for people who like animals and want to see if they are friendly towards each other.

It is important to understand that dogs and cats are born with natural instincts to defend themselves, their territory, and their offspring.

When these fights occur it is usually because either your dog or cat has been attacked or threatened in some way. This could be by someone else’s dog, a person, or anything else really.

In these cases, their protective instinct comes out more strongly than it normally would. It may also be due to jealousy or greed.

Why do dogs and cats always argue?

Dogs and cats are two of nature’s most intelligent species. When they feel ready they will assess their situation and determine what actions need to be taken.

They will then prepare for those actions by practicing them over and over again. This is why you often notice dogs doing things like washing themselves after a walk or cats curling up next to each other to sleep.

Both dogs and cats know what needs to be done so they don’t wait until it's too late. This is how it becomes ingrained as a habit.

They both try to dominate

Retriver Dogs Tugging on Plush Monkey Toy


When two animals of similar size meet, there are usually friendly interactions or at least no fights. This is because they use different strategies when trying to achieve their goals.

Animals that grow up together are spending lots of time learning how each other works. For example, most dogs learn to walk around a back yard with a leash attached so you can take them for walks or let them run free in the area.

This way they get comfortable being led and having control over themselves. Sometimes however, an unruly dog will break away from their owner and need some space to explore.

When this happens, it is natural for the dog to want to keep walking forward until he finds more open spaces. This is why sometimes even though your dog has a leash, they feel like they do not have to listen to you – they just keep exploring!

Cats also need to be able to explore outside the house so they can enjoy outdoor activities such as chasing birds or playing with toys.

But if a cat does not get enough attention, she may become lonely and develop behavioral issues. This could include aggression towards other cats or pets or people.

So what makes animals fight?

It goes beyond simply feeling jealous or territorial. There are three main reasons dogs and cats always start fighting: instinct, conditioning and boredom.

They both try to run away

Why dogs and cats always fight

A lot of people believe that if you can make your dog feel safe in a room, then it will not bother him when you leave him. This is clearly false!

Dogs are social animals who learn about safety from their peers and environment. If a friend doesn’t feel safe or someone else tells them they are no longer welcome, then how could yours possibly understand what that means?

If your dog feels unsafe, he may try to escape the situation by running away. He might even take off towards another person, animal, object, or area instead of just walking out the door like everyone else.

This can sometimes be very frustrating for those around him because they want to help but cannot until he is ready. It can also scare other dogs away as they perceive him to be dangerous.

They both try to bite each other

Why dogs and cats always fight

There are many theories as to why dogs and cats always seem to get into an argument or fight with each other. Some say it’s because they were never really trained as pets, but instead raised for show. Or that their instinct is to defend themselves against threats in the area surrounding them.

Another theory is that being pack animals, they compare how well-protected they feel in your care when you’re around and so decide that you pose the same threat to them.

Yet another theory is that they don’t like each other and so they can’t focus on anything else except trying to hurt each other. All of these theories may be true to some degree, but there’s one big problem – they're not necessarily bad ones!

Interpretation of behavior is important. We cannot assume something about any animal's nature by what we think we know about theirs. It could actually mean that the dog thinks you're a bigger danger than you are, or even that he doesn't trust you yet.

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