Why Dogs Urinate On Tires?

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Why Dogs Urinate On Tires?

February 04, 2023 7 min read

Sometimes, after a long day, your dog needs to go outside to relieve himself of all those nervous systems that worked hard during the day. If you are lucky enough to have some grass or concrete yard areas, then taking your dogs outside is easy!

For many owners, this isn’t the case though. A lot of people live in cities where there aren’t very tall fences around their homes, and even if there were, it would be difficult for your dog to get to any kind of outdoor area. This can be really frustrating for pet parents as they try to give their pets the best care possible by making sure they are comfortable and relaxed before letting them out.

In these cases, leaving the car doors open and/or lifting the vehicle up so that it is easier to let your dog out may be your only option. Unfortunately, this may cause one of the most annoying things about owning a dog — urine on something. Let us look at the reasons why peeing on cars is such an ugly thing for pooches, and what you can do to prevent it.

Why Does Your Dog Like To Do It?

Many dogs enjoy going to the bathroom outdoors, and it doesn’t seem to matter how careful we are, they will still find a way to make use of whatever facilities they have available to them.

They are trying to mark their territory

Why dogs urinate on tires?

Many dogs do not know what it means when they try to let you know that they own an area. Sometimes, dogs will go outside or into public spaces and need to pee or defecate.

When this happens, some people may be able to avoid walking in the area until the dog goes somewhere less populated, but sometimes this is impossible — for example, if there’s no more grass anywhere around.

In these cases, many people choose to blame the dog by saying things like “Dogs are natural creatures of waste,” or even worse, “It proves he doesn’t care about the environment!”

Both of these statements are false because animals have to poo somewhere, and nature does not accept polluted water as usable space for anything. If a dog needs to go where there isn’t any green space nearby, then she probably doesn’t understand the difference between poop and water very well.

This article will explain why dogs often need to use the bathroom near roads and other areas with lots of traffic, and how you can help prevent it from happening.

They are trying to tell you that they need to go to the bathroom

Why dogs urinate on tires?

While most dogs do not require a reason to use the toilet, there is an occasional dog who will need help in this area. If your dog seems more active than normal and goes outside several times without going, it could be because he needs to go.

It is important to note that even if his back end does not seem very rounded, he may have needed to go for some other reason. For example, he may have been running around or playing intensely before, and then he would stop and squat. He may also try to get into position but fail to, making him need to go much harder.

If your dog has two hours of activity and one trip to the bathroom and then another half hour later, she should be able to wait it out.

They are trying to tell you that they need to be cleaned

Why dogs urinate on tires?

While most dogs do not go out of their way to soil your car, it does happen from time to time. If your dog is constantly going outside, he or she may need some extra help cleaning up after themselves.

Dogs sometimes get so excited when they have an outdoor activity that they need to go number one. This can occur at the park, for example, or even if they run across the street in front of cars!

When this happens, they may forget what body part they were holding back until they are able to actually take care of business. Sometimes, before they get a chance to release all of these hormones, they need to go somewhere where they will not hurt anyone or anything.

So instead of letting loose as intended, they choose to go onto someone’s car or truck. This is very common with dogs who are left alone for long periods of times.

If this has happened to you, make sure to check out our article about how to wash and remove odors off vehicle exteriors.

They are trying to tell you that they need to be washed

Why dogs urinate on tires?

While most dog owners know why their dogs get into trouble, few realize just how serious it can become. It is not uncommon for someone to find a car with its tires deflated and the driver claiming his or her dog did it.

Dogs will often try to push down on an object to remove it so when they put pressure on the tire, it may break away or lose air which makes them feel better by rolling the wheel up in the fur of the dog. This is what causes the sometimes funny looking “tire track” markings on the pavement after your dog has walked around outside.

It is very important to check your vehicle’s tires before going out anywhere as things such as rain could cause them to go flat. Make sure they are properly inflated too!

Why would my dog do this?

It is extremely difficult to determine if your dog caused another person to claim he/she damaged their car, but here some potential reasons.

They are trying to tell you that they are sick

Why dogs urinate on tires?

Many dog owners may be wondering why their dogs keep urinating on the car tires or anywhere else for that matter. This can easily be explained because dogs are very curious and want to learn more about new things.

Dogs develop curiosity by exploring, interacting with other animals and people, and seeking out new experiences. When your dog is looking around, walking up to something, or even going down onto the ground, he/she will probably need to go number one.

This happens when there is an adequate amount of water in the body. Since most dogs have a normal life span, they will not get the opportunity to explore all of these outside activities until they graduate from school (kindergarten)!

If left unattended, this could become a bigger problem as the fluid builds up and the liquid becomes contaminated.

They are trying to tell you that they are happy

Two Brown Dachshund


There is a reason why dogs go outside and run around some place before they decide to take a nap or play somewhere else.

Dogs need to go out and explore, they need to find new things to do! This includes going to the same location over and over again, taking short walks in a park or area nearby, or even walking different routes home if they are already at your house.

When an dog goes for a walk, he needs to check his surroundings, look for toys, sniff the ground, and especially look at his feet and back wheel of the car to make sure nothing is stuck in there or behind him.

If a dog does not seem interested in exploring or moving, chances are he has found something interesting and wants to check it out more closely. If this happens during a trip away from home, then maybe he discovered someone or something he wanted to meet later.

They are trying to tell you that they are excited

Why dogs urinate on tires?

This is one of those things that most dog owners try to avoid, but unfortunately it happens rather frequently. When your dog gets thirsty or hungry, he may need to go outside to relieve himself.

Dogs are natural predators so they require lots of water and nutrition to be strong and healthy. Unfortunately, dogs can get carried away when drinking and eating and lose control over their bodies.

When this occurs, some of the fluid in their body will be wasted. This is particularly true if the dog does not have any toilet facilities around to recycle his waste properly. If he doesn’t take care of its recycling, all of the liquid will end up leaking out onto the ground which could cause soil and water pollution as well as health problems for people walking nearby.

This usually happens when dogs are left alone for too long while they are either sitting or lying down. Since they don’t have anything to keep them awake, they eventually get tired and sleep, at which time they are unable to hold themselves off from going to the bathroom.

Since there's no proper containment for their wastes, they often choose to use the nearest available surface, typically an open car door or floor area. Sometimes, however, they find another less desirable target first and then move on to the next one. - source

Why do dogs sometimes urinate on cars

Many dogs like to play with toys that feel soft and squishy.

They are trying to tell you that they are content

Why dogs urinate on tires?

Many dog owners claim their dogs do it because they like looking at cars or want to see what will happen next when they pull out of their cars. However, this can be a very expensive lesson for your wallet as well as your vehicle!

Dogs who urinate in the yard are usually indoor dog who is not given enough exercise. If you notice your dog acting nervous or agitated before he goes outside, then chances are he has to go and needs some more activity.

He may also need to relieve himself so he could find a proper place later. Sometimes, even older dogs cannot hold it anymore and have to go during walks.

If you ever observe your dog doing this, make sure to give him appropriate attention until he seems happier and/or distracted. Then take him somewhere quieter to let him relax and avoid any potential accidents.

Also, if his urine looks darker than normal, get him checked by a vet right away. It can indicate health problems such as kidney disease.

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