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Custom Dog Canvas

Are you one of the lucky few who’s got a beautiful dog?

Don’t hide it! Flaunt it!

Your dog deserves to become the inspiration for a work of art!

Ever imagined displaying an oil painting of your beautiful pet in the living room? It’ll definitely be an amazing centerpiece!

Or perhaps you’ve just lost your pet and you’d like to remember them always

Or maybe you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, tasteful gift.

Memories Fades, Canvas Won't

Turn Your Photo Into A Pet Painting!

Custom Handmade Pet Portraits Painted From Your Photos. The Best Way To Cherish Your Pet Forever!

Create a timeless memory of your beloved pet.

Using a selected photo you provide, our custom handmade pet portraits are a perfect addition to your home or serve as a great gift for the pet lover in your life
Photo Requirement: Make sure you send us a high quality photo of your pet.

We will build your canvas art base on the photo you send us. The better quality the better the canvas. Recommended square photo of at least 2000x2000 pixel

The canvas painting that is custom-printed in your pet’s image and can be framed according to your needs. This painting can be personalized to mirror your pet’s image.

Be it just as a way to put your princely pet on a pedestal or as a way to remember your lost pet...

This Personalized Canvas Art will capture your pet’s image perfectly and recreate it in a larger-than-life painting!

Photo Guideline

Please upload a high-quality image with a clear view of the pet's face with good lighting.

    This is a custom made product.

    Please allow 3-5 days for production

    5 to 7 days for USA delivery

    7 to 14 days for interntional delivery.

    Photo Tip: Lighting is KEY.

    Please send photos that are taken on a sunny day or in a well lit room. Our artists will be working directly with your photo and will need to see the details of your pet. Color is a big component!

    Send us a either a close up or fully body photo of your pet. Our artist will design base on the photo you submitted.

    Common Questions

    Q: Does the photo have to be of professional quality?

    A: If you can take the picture with your phone or tablet, that would be perfect. Please try to upload a photo where the pet's head is not cropped, blurred or has any obstructions.

    Q: Do you accept any pets?

    A: Yes! We accept any pets

    Q: Where do you ship?
    We ship worldwide! 

    Q: Can I offer them as a gift?
    A: Our custom-printed shirts can be the perfect gift for pet lovers. You can offer them as Christmas gifts, for birthdays or any other special occasion.